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Monterey, CA 700 Munras Avenue, Monterey, California 93940

Explore the Ocean

Monterey Bay Peninsula - Explore the Pacific Ocean

Grab your paint brush and fill a blank canvass with vibrant hues of greens and blues, or flip through the pages of your field guide to identify the majestic sea birds soaring along the coast. The pristine coastline of the Monterey Bay is an unparalleled vacation destination for nature and ocean lovers alike. Sunbathe on the sun kissed shores or take a relaxing nature walk along the rolling tides. For romantic couples, a scenic drive down the Pacific Coast Highway is not to be missed.

Sea Otter Awareness in Monterey

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The Monterey Bay is home to one of the largest marine sanctuaries in the world. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary encompasses 6,094 square miles of ocean surrounding the Monterey Bay and stretches up to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and south to the coastal town of Cambria. It is home to many mammals, birds, fish, and plants making it one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Read More about Sea Otter Awareness in Monterey
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