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Kelp Crawling in the Montrey Bay

About ago by The Inns of Monterey
Kelp Crawling in the Montrey Bay
If you plan to participate in the September 9-11, 2011 Triathlon at Pacific Grove, be sure to reserve your room at one of the Inns of Monterey. The ocean front Monterey Bay Inn is a great place for ocean lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to stay. Check rates and availability here.
The average coastal water temperature in the Monterey Bay is 62.1 degrees, so you most certainly need a wetsuit if you plan to go for a swim. The Lovers Point Beach Park area in Pacific Grove is often a calm and safe place to go for an ocean swim.
Here are some additional safety tips if you plan to take a swim in the ocean waters around Monterey Bay:
If you are swimming in the ocean and find yourself caught in a strong current or rip tide, it is important to remain calm and to try to stay close to and parallel with the shore. If you are a strong swimmer, swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the pull of the rip, then head in toward the shore. If you tire, if you feel you cannot make it, or the rip is just too strong, raise your arm and wave to others on the beach for help.
You will be able to tell that you are caught in a rip if you suddenly find yourself further from shore than you expected to or should be. You will find that you will struggle to swim but appear to be getting nowhere. Struggling in a rip can quickly tire even the strongest swimmer, so do not hesitate to signal a lifeguard should you become tired or frightened.
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