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Get Down…on the farm…Earthbound Farms

About ago by The Inns of Monterey
Get Down…on the farm…Earthbound Farms
When Drew and Myra Goodman came to California’s Carmel Valley in 1984, they were determined young transplants from Manhattan, drawn to the natural beauty and richness of the land. Even before they turned over their first shovels full of soil, they believed strongly in doing the right thing.
They settled on a 2.5-acre raspberry farm and decided that doing the right thing meant committing to farming this spectacular land organically; producing food they would want to eat themselves and would feel good about serving their families, friends, and neighbors. Their labor of love became Earthbound Farm.
It wasn’t long before Earthbound Farm was doing a lot of the right things. Undaunted by those who said it couldn’t be done, in 1986 they became the first company to successfully launch prewashed, packaged salad for retail sale. When they introduced mixed baby greens or “spring mix” to restaurants and supermarket produce aisles, they launched a salad revolution. Today, gourmet salad greens and packaged salads have become staples of grocery baskets everywhere.
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