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Monterey, CA 700 Munras Avenue, Monterey, California 93940

Celebrate With a Coastal Thanksgiving in Monterey

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Celebrate With a Coastal Thanksgiving in Monterey

Experience the age-old Thanksgiving celebrations merge seamlessly with Monterey's maritime magic. Have an unforgettable time with your friends and family surrounded by warm homes, fireplaces, and tables filled with classic dishes. The city boasts a magical atmosphere with an intimate vibe, mesmerizing landscapes, and outdoor activities like wine tasting, scenic drives, and authentic local experiences. For more, check out our guide to plan your Thanksgiving vacation in Monterey; whether you are a local or a tourist, the scenic Pacific ensures memories that will last a lifetime.


The Merging of Traditions: Coastal Meets Classic

In this picturesque town, the timeless traditions of Thanksgiving seamlessly blend with the essence of the coast, forging a celebration unlike any other. Imagine your classic turkey paired not just with cranberry sauce but with freshly shucked oysters or a rich clam chowder. Monterey during Thanksgiving is a visual delight as the amber hues of fall contrast beautifully with the deep blues of the Pacific. Step outside, watch the sun dip below the horizon, and add a coastal serenity to the traditional warmth of the holiday.


Local Ingredients and Specialties: Thanksgiving the Monterey Way

Monterey's local farms offer an impressive array of fresh produce, culinary events, and seasonal farmers markets that can elevate any Thanksgiving celebrations. Explore these delightful opportunities to gather new, locally sourced ingredients for your holiday table.


Dine at Estéban Restaurant at Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa serving a special California inspired Spanish menu. For Thanksgiving, call to make your dine-in reservations at Estéban Restaurant and savor a 3-Course Turkey Meal on Thursday, Nov. 23rd from 2:00pm - 8:00pm! Indulge in a Thanksgiving feast featuring Squash and Roasted Pepper Bisque, Diestel Organic Heirloom Herb Roasted Turkey, delectable sides, and a slice of Pumpkin or Apple Pie. To complement delicious food, enjoy sounds from Spanish Guitarist, Catherine Broz on the newly remodeled garden patio from 4:00pm - 8:00pm or if you can't dine in, we have our 3-Course Turkey Meal available to-go!


From crisp lettuces to flavorful heirloom tomatoes and earthy root vegetables, the seasonal produce graces the Thanksgiving tables is as fresh as it gets. Plan a visit to the Old Monterey Farmers Market to procure organic ingredients and delights like juicy cranberries, plump pumpkins, artisan cheeses, and freshly baked bread.


Activities and Celebrations in Monterey During Thanksgiving

Beyond the feasting table, the streets come alive with events, parades, and celebrations, echoing the gratitude and warmth of the season. Enjoy local parades where the vibrant festive spirit of Monterey shines. Floats adorned with sea-inspired themes, bands playing festive tunes, and the community coming together make these parades a memorable experience.


Enjoy Thanksgiving festivals, blending traditional activities with unique Monterey twists—like pumpkin-carving competitions or clam pie bake-offs. For those who enjoy cultural experiences, local theaters and art groups host Thanksgiving-themed plays or concerts, offering a delightful way to immerse in the spirit of the holiday.


Sip and Savor: Monterey's Vineyard Ventures

Your Thanksgiving vacation will be complete with visiting the famous vineyards. The rolling hills and valleys around the town are home to some of California's most prestigious wineries, producing vintages that have graced tables worldwide.


Enjoy specially curated experiences emphasizing the ideal wine pairings for Thanksgiving dishes. Imagine learning how a crisp chardonnay pairs beautifully with seafood stuffing or which pinot noir complements your cranberry sauce best. Wine connoisseurs can indulge in guided tours showcasing the winemaking process, from grape picking to bottling, culminating in a tasting session where one can sample a range of wines alongside perfectly paired appetizers.


Activities to Nurture the Soul

With its serene coastlines and natural beauty, Monterey presents a myriad of soul-nourishing activities that not only rejuvenate the body but also uplift the spirit. There's no better way to immerse oneself in these natural wonders than through guided nature walks or coastal hikes.


As Thanksgiving approaches, it's a gentle reminder of the power of gratitude and mindfulness. Whether it's a sunrise yoga session overlooking the Pacific or a deep relaxation class with the soothing sounds of waves as a backdrop, each activity is designed to align the body, mind, and soul.


A Celebration of Gratitude at Inns of Monterey

As the season of gratitude ushers in, the Inns of Monterey has crafted special packages, ensuring every guest feels cherished and valued.


Dive into our exclusive Linger Longer, 50% off Room, Spa & Dinner package offering at Casa Munras where you can sleep in later, celebrate over dinner, and enjoy more pampering. Book one night and receive a generous 50% off on your second night. Enhance your stay with a culinary journey at Esteban, where purchasing one entrée grants you a second at half price. And for those seeking complete relaxation, indulge in our spa services with a buy one, get the second at 50% off deal.


You can also book direct at Monterey Bay Inn or Wave Street Inn and save. Enjoy extended retreat at the Victorian Inn, where guests who stay for three nights are gifted with a complimentary fourth night. Treat your significant other to a romantic stay at Spindrift Inn, Cannery Row's dreamy bay-view hotel next to McAbee Beach which includes a room night and dinner. Your table for two will be at the fabulous Sardine Factory on Cannery Row in the Monterey Peninsula's iconic destination for fine dining and special occasions.


This Thanksgiving, let the Inns of Monterey be your haven of gratitude and joy.

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