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Celebrating the Monterey Wine Festival in June

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Celebrating the Monterey Wine Festival in June

The heart of Monterey pulses with the vibrant celebration of its cherished wine heritage at the Monterey Wine Festival! Step into the world of wines through tastings, cooking demos, insightful talks, and breathtaking scenic tours. Whether you're a local or a traveler eager to discover new tastes, this festival promises something magical for everyone.

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Monterey, The Inns of Monterey provide the ideal home away from home. Here, you're not just staying close to the festivities; you're enveloped in comfort and luxury, making every moment of your festival experience unforgettable.

As the festival blooms each June, it does more than just showcase exquisite wines; it weaves together the threads of our community, uniting wine lovers from near and far in a shared celebration of viniculture. Join us for an inspirational journey and raise a glass to the art of winemaking in the picturesque expanse of Monterey. Here's to good wine, great friends, and unforgettable memories at the Monterey Wine Festival!

Section 1: About the Monterey Wine Festival

Few California wine events have been around as long or are as revered as the Monterey Wine Festival, which began in 1977. Established to showcase some of the finest unique wines produced locally, the festival has evolved into a significant reference point for regional residents and winemakers across California.

The festival provides an opportunity for local winemakers to showcase their products, network, and educate attendees about wine tasting and making techniques. This not only brings revenue into the town but also places us on the wine map.

Section 2: Festival Events and Activities

This year's Monterey Wine Festival has something for everyone! Here are just a few highlights:


  • Wine Tastings & Varietal Showcases: Enjoy samples of the best Monterey has to offer, from rich, deep reds to light whites that reflect the area's diverse soils and climates. Discover new favorites while learning about each varietal's unique characteristics.
  • Cooking Demonstrations & Food Pairings: Learn how these wines are paired with specific dishes as top chefs offer cooking demonstrations. Improve your home cooking and wine pairing skills.
  • Wine Competitions & Awards: Participate in professional tastings of hundreds of entries vying for honors in prestigious contests throughout the festival week.
  • Featured Wineries & Their Specialties: Speak with knowledgeable staff about their winemaking philosophies and the types of wines they produce. Learn what goes into your favorite bottles.
  • Notable Guest Appearances & Expert Panels: Expand your wine knowledge through industry insider discussions on various topics related to wine. Engage in interactive conversations to deepen your understanding.

Section 3: Tips for Attending the Festival

Don't miss this year's Monterey Wine Festival! Here are some tips to enhance your experience:

  • Plan: Review the festival schedule early to decide which events and tastings interest you the most. Secure your spots early to ensure participation.
  • Wine Tasting Etiquette: Start with lighter wines and progress to fuller ones. Sip slowly, drink water, or eat bread between tastings. Note your favorites and share them with others.
  • Matching Wines with Festival Food: Learn which wines pair well with various dishes at the cooking demonstrations, then experiment with these combinations at home.
  • Getting Around the Festival Grounds: Be prepared for extensive walking. Use the festival map to navigate to desired wineries or stages. Wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers, and stay hydrated.

Section 4: Exploring Beyond the Festival

While the festival itself is a significant draw, Monterey offers other attractions:

  • Scenic Spots and Nature Trails: Explore beautiful spots like the famous 17-mile Drive, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, and Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail.
  • Local Restaurants and Eateries: Experience Monterey's vibrant food scene, including fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients at Esteban Restaurant.
  • Historical Landmarks and Museums: Delve into Monterey's past at landmarks like old Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Pacific House Museum.

Section 5: Staying at Inns of Monterey

When visiting the Monterey Wine Festival, consider staying at one of the Inns of Monterey for convenience and comfort. Here's a quick overview of each property:

  • Spindrift Inn: Located on Cannery Row, this inn offers stunning ocean views and a romantic ambiance, praised for its complimentary breakfasts and nightly wine-and-cheese hours.
  • Monterey Bay Inn: This inn combines contemporary comfort with traditional coastal charm. It features private balconies and rooftop tubs.
  • Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa: Built around a historic mansion, this hotel features spacious grounds, an outdoor pool, dining at Esteban Restaurant and a full-service spa, offering a serene retreat.
  • Victorian InnEnjoy a charming retreat amidst the quaint décor and inviting ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a day at the festival.
  • Wave Street InnWith its modern amenities and prime location, it provides a refreshing oasis steps away from the bustling festival activities.


Enjoy the Monterey Wine Festival from the comfort of The Inns of Monterey, where you'll be ideally situated near all the festivities and major tourist attractions.


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