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All About Jellyfish

About ago by The Inns of Monterey
All About Jellyfish
The new Jellyfish Experience Exhibit is open at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.The exhibit invites visitors to explore a far out world where jellies dance, glow, bloom and sting.
The exhibit is located on the first floor in the far east corner of the Aquarium. Head straight to the jellies experience when the Aquarium first opens if you want to beat the crowds. Brush up on a few fascinating facts about jellyfish before your visit:
  • Jellies are more than 95 percent water. They don't have bones, brains, teeth or fins.
  • Simple, symmetrical bodies allow jellies to catch prey and avoid danger from any direction.
  • From simple, see-through styles to vibrant colors with ruffles and beads, jellies flaunt an amazing variety of fashions.
  • Jelly tentacles are beaded with thousands of stinging cells that stun prey by injecting a dose of toxins.
  • Under the right light, some jellies glow. Shine a blue light on an elegant jelly, and neon-green dots appear around the edge of the bell.
  • Remove the light and it's crystal clear.
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Don't miss this YouTube video preview of the new exhibit! - Monterey Bay Aquarium Jelly Fish Video
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