Open Sea Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Animal Research and Care Center, commonly known as the ARCC, is located in nearby Marina. While the building isn’t open to the public, it’s playing a critical role in housing some of the majestic open-ocean animals that you’ll see starting in July. That’s when we open our Open Sea galleries—the replacement for the Outer Bay—which will be home to mola molas, sharks, sea turtles, pelagic rays and many other of your favorite species.

The ARCC may be understated on the outside, but it’s bustling with activity inside. Hammerhead sharks carve graceful turns in the biggest, 60 x 40-foot oval tank, along with bluefin tuna and pelagic rays. In the next, 40-foot tank, two enormous green sea turtles swim lazily about in anticipation of the next head of lettuce that will come their way, along with barracuda. The tank also includes yellowfin tuna and bonito. The final tank, measuring 30 feet, includes smaller hammerheads and a sandbar shark.

Read more about the facility on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s blog.


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